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About Us

      Micro Consultants is a value added reseller that specializes in Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) systems for architectural, engineering and construction firms.  The company was founded in 1985 by Mr. Tze Fong Li, P.H.D and Mr. Lung-Sing Wong, P.E. both of who have extensive experience in the application of computing technology on architectural, engineering design problems; and both of whom saw the need for a specialized consultant in the field.  Today, almost 30 yrs later, Micro Consultants caters solutions to the special needs and concerns of all its customers, ranging from real estate firms to architecture firms to dental practices, with distinctive and reliable products and services.

      Micro Consultants is located in a 3,500 sq ft facility Norcross, Georgia. There the hardware support bench stocks various computer parts and accessories which helps to expedite customers' repair and maintenance needs.  This allows for a 24hr turn-around in most cases, which is vital in helping the clients maintain production.

      Micro Consultants recognizes the fact that clients provide revenue, and therefore considers its clients to be business partners. Thus allowing us to forge lasting relationships beneficial to both the client, allowing the technicians to become more familiar with the clients infrastructure, and to Micro Consultants, allowing us to continue providing low-cost, personalized, and dependable products and services to existing and future clients.

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